Fama Leathers

Fama are a Spanish furniture manufacturer that specialise in creating modern modular sofas and armchairs, all of which you can browse by clicking here. Complementing their modern designs are a large range of leather colours which you can view samples of below. Just click any of the images to view a larger version. Fama also have available a large collection of fabrics.

Please note: These digital swatches may differ in colour from the actual fabric, so we recommend requesting a physical sample from us before ordering as it is always better to see how the fabric looks in the natural light of your space. Simply contact us to request a sample.

Antique Colonial

A natural leather which may have markings produced throughout the life of the animal: burn marks, insect bites, scars, etc. It is sanded by hand and dyed with no additional finish so the natural markings are preserved, making each piece unique. These marks are not faults or defects, but a feature inherent to its natural origin.