Why by Appointment

Our decision to operate on an appointment-only basis at our specialist furniture showroom is rooted in our commitment to delivering an outstanding and personalised customer experience.

First and foremost, it enables Rob & Zeta to allocate dedicated time and attention to every customer. By scheduling appointments in advance, we ensure that we can fully grasp the unique needs and preferences of each visitor. This customised approach empowers us to guide customers through our extensive selection of specialized furniture, offering expert advice and recommendations that align with their individual taste and requirements.

An appointment-only system also helps maintain a calm and unhurried atmosphere within our showrooms. Unlike traditional walk-in stores, where crowds and noise can become overwhelming, our appointment system provides a peaceful and focused environment. Clients can explore our furniture collections at their own pace, ask questions, and make informed decisions without disruptions.

Furthermore, it aids us in managing inventory and upholding the quality of our showroom. By knowing when customers will be visiting, we can ensure that all furniture pieces are in immaculate condition and readily available for viewing, contributing to a superior shopping experience.

In essence, our appointment-only policy underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service, individualized attention, and a tranquil shopping environment. It allows Rob & Zeta to cater to the unique needs of each customer while maintaining the highest quality standards in our showroom, ultimately resulting in a more satisfying and memorable furniture shopping experience.

Contact us to book your private showroom viewing

zeta@juliajones.co.uk or rob@juliajones.co.uk

Call: 01492 545013

Monday to Saturday:  10:00 – 16.00

Don't forget, your four-legged friends are also welcome with you.  

Rob & Zeta look forward to meeting you and discussing your projects.