Fama Luci Pop corner sofa AB+AB+ZB

Our Fama Luci Pop corner sofa features a sculptured low seats giving outstanding comfort with a modern look. The Luci Pop has 3 x feet options low, 12cm wooden feet and 12cm metal sprung feet.

Product Features:
  • Finish: Fabric
  • Dimensions: L:113cm W:299cm H:92cm

pdfLuci Pop Schematic

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Product Description

The Luci Pop is a fab looking clean line modern sofa. Don't think this does not look to be that comfortable, because it's immensely comfortable due to its ergonomically designed shape. Forget the use of cushions to get yourself comfy, with the Luci Pop you don't need them. The shape of each modular unit gives your lower back support to relax.

Due to its modular make up you can move each unit around, either to change the colour formation or to change your sofa set up. Great too if you move house or apartment giving you greater flexibility to your new room formation. Each unit is kept together by a clasp to stop them moving apart. Such a flexible design like Fama's Arianne Love modular sofa collection.

Comes with three feet height options; low 3cm legs, 12cm wooden feet and 12cm metal sprung feet. The sprung metal feet does offer extra subtle suspension to your seat which I find works very well.

The design of the Luci Pop does lend itself to being bold with colour when it comes to choosing fabric. With such a fantastic range of colours, textures and patterns to choose from you can certainly have fun creating your Luci Pop sofa. Email sales@juliajones.co.uk and we can send you free samples for review.


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