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Caring for your Sheepskin

Funky Welsh Sheepskin Stool

We know how important it is to keep your lovely sheepskin looking amazing, so we’ve created a list of tips and tricks on how to do just that!

1. Shake, shake, shake!

Our stool has a removable sheepskin cover, so you can take them off to give them a good shake! By shaking sheepskin it helps to maintain wool fibres and gives its bounce back.

2. Sheepskin likes to be brushed!

To keep your lovely sheepskin in tip top shape use a hard wire brush every now and then to smooth the pile. A wire slicker brush is best and will not damage the fleece. You’ll receive a brush free from us when you order one of our stools!

3. Sunlight is too bright.

Sheepskin is a natural product that will not appreciate strong sunlight. Strong sunlight will bleach and dry out the skin, especially the dyed colours which include: Aubergine, Mink, Slate Grey, Teal, Dragon Red, Cornflower Blue, Baby Pink, Cerise, Sage, Buttermilk, Navy, Lilac, Silver and Coal Black.

4. Please don’t get me wet.

Sheepskin is a natural product that does not appreciate damp conditions, damp floors will attract black mould and make the fibres curl up. If your sheepskin does get wet then dry outside away from the sun.

5. Sheepskin is naturally dirt and dust repellent.

Sheepskin doesn’t like to be dirty and naturally repels dirt and dust, but if your sheepskin does get dusty you can give it a good shake and use a vacuum cleaner with attachment if required.

6. Spills or sticky marks? Fear not!

We would suggest any small spillage should be immediately spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth and light wool detergent. Sometimes if it is dirt you may possibly be better letting the offending item dry out completely and simply brush the dirt out.

7. Can I wash sheepskin?

We do not recommend washing sheepskin, if you find that spot cleaning and brushing hasn’t helped the best thing to do would be specialist dry cleaning.

8. Luxurious comfort

The natural lanolin found in sheepskin provides a luxuriously soft feel against your skin and greatly improves the quality of life for those confined to one position for long periods of time. Enhancing the comfort level for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing, sheepskin is pure and simple, the natural choice.

9. A treat for your feet

As all of the sheepskin covers are removable you can take them off and pop a hot water bottle underneath, then put the luxurious sheepskin cover back on making it the ultimate treat for your feet!