Trends for 2020

Trends for 2020

A focus on health well-being continues in 2020 from colours to surfaces, shapes and spaces.

Expect to see beige, stone, soft eucalypt greens to feature in the coming year as nature and natural themes come to light. But to mix these neutral tones up strong hues such as merlot, peacock blue and spicy pink, with added shading, will be on-trend. 

Surface materials like Dekton which is a composite material consisting of glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces making it indestructible is making its way from bathrooms to Kitchens and Dining spaces. Not only fantastic for its strength but the designs available will give your dining space that WOW factor!

Softer, more 'feminine' appearances like curves, archways or circular designs in all living spaces look set to develop in 2020.


Posted by Zeta
30th December 2019

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