Cleaning Tips no. 2

Putting new life back into your polished barstool bases or glossy furniture

Hi Folks today’s blog is about getting rid of unwanted marks on your glossy lacquered furniture. Accidents can happen and no matter how careful you are the surface can become marked.

Many years ago when this lovey lacquered furniture came into fashion I was advised to use Car Polish to remove the marks. I was really surprised but have found that you can not only get rid of unwanted marks but once polished it protects the surface just as it does a car.

I just apply the car polish with a soft cloth using a circular movement, leave it to dry for a few minutes then with another soft cloth, polish off the residue. You can then just buff the surface with another soft cloth, preferably using a lintless micro cloth.

I always use this method of cleaning the chrome bases of bar stools and in fact any chrome that is attached to furniture Glossy Polycarbonate chair seats may also be treated in the same way.

I do hope that this tip helps you. Julia


Posted by Zeta
8th June 2020

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