Cleaning Tips no. 4

Removing pressure points from your rug or carpet caused by furniture

Hi Folks this week’s blog is how to get pressure marks out of rugs and carpets. 

Every so often I like to move furniture to a different position within a room at home, most times I am left with an unsightly flattened pile on the rug or carpet. There are several ways to lift the pile, but I always use my steam iron. Hold the iron over the offending mark so that the steam penetrates the pile of the rug without actually touching the pile. Depending on how flat the pile has become, it may take varying lengths of time to raise the pile. Sometimes the pile can be quite stubborn if the pressure marks have been left by heavy furniture. I find that by gently brushing the pile opposite to the way it’s laying helps considerably. Don`t get the pile wet, you are better leaving it for a couple of hours then trying again. From experience, I have found that this method is better than anything else I have tried. 

That’s all for today hope that you will find this last tip helpful 



Posted by Zeta
29th June 2020

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