Cleaning Tips no. 3

Cleaning Tips no. 3

Understanding and caring for your Fama leather sofa or chair

Hi folks, today’s blog is Understanding and caring for your Fama leather sofa or chair. Leather is so durable lasting at least 5 times longer than fabric, Fama uses the highest quality full-grain and corrected grain leathers to cover their furniture with. 

The term Full-grain is taken from the strongest and most durable part of the hide. It displays a more natural finish showing the irregular grain of the leather whereas, corrected-grain is treated to lose some of the more natural features of leather without diminishing the finished look. 

Caring for your leather furniture is just so easy. Keep the item well dusted using a soft cloth and if after time you think that it needs a little more cleaning, dip a cloth in warm soapy water and gently clean, taking care not to over-wet the surface. After cleaning make sure the surface is dry by using a soft cloth to buff the surface. Do not on any account use chemical cleaners as these can cause damage to the leather.

I do hope this tip helps you. Julia



Posted by Zeta
21st June 2020

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