Cleaning Tips no. 5 - Fama fabric sofa or chair

Cleaning tips for your Fama fabric sofa or chair

Several of the Fama sofa models have loose covers as an extra option. If you have a young family or pets this may be a very good idea, as it takes the pressure off having to be extra careful with the upholstered covers. 

The loose covers have an added bonus that you can change your colour scheme when the mood takes you.

When you come to clean the loose covers there is usually a cleaning instruction tag telling you whether or not the material is washable or dry clean only.

Loose covers are generally made in fabrics that can be washed. I would recommend that you use a cool wash, drying the covers in the air.

Do not on any account put the covers in a tumble dryer as this will certainly shrink them.

Iron the covers whilst they are still slightly damp, and then refit the covers, you will find that fitting them whilst still slightly damp, the covers will fit very well moulding itself to the sofa.

Posted by Zeta
24th August 2020

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