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Ultimate Relaxation with Beanbag Seats

A whole new way to lounge

If you are headed to the beach this Summer don’t forget your beanbag, don’t panic you did read that correctly! With our outdoor beanbags you can lounge in comfort if you are at the beach, in the garden or even when you’re fishing!

Our beanbags are available in 3 different sizes, as well as being available in either wipe clean faux leather, or tough water resistant PVC. The PVC fabric is ideal for allowing you to use your beanbag outdoors. Each size has a wonderful range of colour options to choose from.

The Children’s Beanbag is a compact and totally adorable beanbag; a tough little model that is perfect for children, or those who are of small proportions. Choose from 11 faux leather colour options!

The standard sized Beanbag Seat is the perfect solution for young to grownup loungers, perfect for rooms where space is at a premium. It blends design with comfort to create a great lounging experience. It is available in the Faux leather or as an outdoor version with waterproof PVC fabric. So now there is no place that you can’t lounge in comfort.

We have raised the bar for comfort with the introduction of the Quilted beanbag. If you want ultra-comfort we would have to recommend that you go for the Outdoor Quilted beanbag, it is by far the most comfortable of our beanbag range.








Mini Master

Mighty-b B-bag

Monster Master 13-32-35