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Famatab: A New Range of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables from Fama

The soft furnishing company Fama have recently decided to create a new line of coffee tables, incorporating their own design philosophy, that follow the basic and simple ideas that help make their customer’s lives easier and more comfortable.

Fama feel they have been able to design a new line of coffee tables with innovative features that make them different and original…We have to admit we agree!

Below are Famas basic ideas for ensuring their coffee tables match up to their customers’ needs.

Safety: No sharp edges

Homes are for families, and Fama try and think about all age ranges when designing their furniture. Sharp clean cut edges of coffee tables can be very dangerous objects when toddlers are on the loose, It is scary thinking about the injuries that a baby could suffer if falling on the edge of a table. How many times have you caught your shin on a straight protruding corner?

It feels at times that the only solution is to cover the corners of the tables with padded or hard cover protectors that have the negative effect of disfiguring the furniture.

Fama believe that for them functionality should definitely be above the constraints of design, straight lines, etc… For this reason, when designing their Famatab range they decided to round off the edges of all their tables making them a more safe and ergonomic product.

Comfort: Lifting top

Fama have found that one of the design aspects of their coffee tables that most users like is the lifting top. It allows you to increase the height of the table, making it much more comfortable to read, use your laptop or have a snack or dinner.

The table top will lift to nicely reach the height of your Fama sofa or chair, all of the Famatab range feature this.

Extra use: Storage

Fama also realised that having a lifting mechanism on their coffee table tops meant they could have storage space hidden away within the table. The modern house is getting increasingly smaller, so extra storage space is always welcome. This space is perfect for storing blankets, magazines, tray, remotes etc.

The well thought about lifting system allows you to access the storage without removing all the items from the table top.

Style: Matching your sofa

Fama offer their same extensive range of fabrics they offer for their upholstery with the Famatab range. Enabling you to match your coffee table with your new, or existing, Fama furniture.

Fama have available a virtual simulator  where you can apply the fabric of your choice, to the table shape you desire, so you are able to see the exact product you want. UK customers must ensure they check the fire retardant box when choosing fabrics.

Functionality: Easy to move    

With Famatab you have the choice of wooden, metal, or castor legs. Having your coffee table on castors is a big help if you have a recliner chair, simply roll the table out the way and extending away

Different: Adapting shapes

The majority of tables on the market today are square or rectangular, Famatab presents multiple shapes that offer different solutions to adapt to every home.

Overall here at Julia Jones we feel that Fama have produced a well-designed practical solution for the modern living room with their new range of Famatab coffee tables.

We are able to offer an additional 10% saving on all Famatab coffee tables when purchased with a Fama sofa

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