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Fama Dakota Modular Sofa

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As you could have noticed we are quite fond of modular sofas, and it is term we use quite a lot. However what is a modular sofa? Modular simply means you can create your own seating arrangement, from a selection of sofa sections and piece them together to fit within the space you have available.
With the sofas we have supply there are a large amount of options, if you aren’t sure which configuration is best tell us the dimensions of the space you would like the sofa to go and we can piece together the perfect configuration.

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Sofas currently in our North Wales Showroom

Fama Afrika Modular Sofa




The Afrika is a modular sofa from Fama, a Spanish upholstery manufacturer who offer extensive fabric and leather options on all of their products. The model in our showroom has a mix of a series 6 fabric and Ciervo leather, which gives a firm leather seat while still having a comfortable fabric back. We have it configured with three modular sections including a chaise.




Fama Arianne Modular Sofa




The Arianne modular sofa is another product from Fama and is a model that has been very popular world wide. Our current displayed model comprises of A+C+A+D+E modules with lumbar cushions and footstool, it is also finished in a colourful fabric mix. The Arianne has very low position with deep wide seats, making it very comfortable to lounge upon.

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