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Multi Purpose Roll Up Tray

Wooden Slatted Roll up Trays

These roll up trays have originally been designed as wooden arm rest covers. To help extend the life of your sofas

They are constructed from a series of 40cm oak slats, which are then bonded to a piece of soft hide. This simple but effective design enables a tray which can be easily rolled up to store yet forms a strong rigid surface when extended.

The choice of oak wood ensures that you have a resistant practical surface. Place over the arm of a sofa or chair, to protect the fabric, and provide a convenient work surface. Ideal for placing a nice hot cup of tea or coffee upon.

Though these have been designed for use upon the arms of your upholstery, we have found them to have other great practical uses. You may be aware that it is advisable that you always use your laptop on a flat surface to allow the fans, which are usually positioned on the bottom or the side of the laptop, to circulate air through your laptop and prevent overheating. These roll up trays offer the ideal solution.

The slatted design means they fit snug on your lap just as they do to the arm of a chair. The soft hide backing acts as a non slip surface and results in the tray staying comfortably in place.

They work equally as well opened out and placed directly on the sofa, foot stool or bed, quickly creating a useful surface to place your laptop, dinner, drinks etc upon.

When you are finished simply roll them up and slide them out of sight, or reposition them to protect the arms of your sofa!

Overall the ideal accessory to go with any of our range of sofas 

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Roll up wooden Tray

Roll up slatted tray

Rolled up wooden tray