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Fama Products We Love

Brighten up your lounge this winter with a modular sofa from Fama! Fama are renowned for having extensive material and colour options available with all their soft furnishings. The modular sofas they offer allow for configuration to suit any room layout.

The Fama range of modular sofas gives the consumer an unbelievable amount of choice in regards to colour and configuration. We have this cheerful assortment positioned at the bottom of our North Wales showroom. The large seating cushion combined with bright cheerful colours makes it the perfect sofa to gather on with friends to watch a movie!

Fama Moon Chair





One piece of living room furniture that Fama have become known worldwide for is the Fama Moon Chair. It is a modern contemporary swivel chair that is available with electric recline options. All of the covers, back of the seat and the headrest all come off, helping you in maintaining the chair. There are a lot of options available with these chairs!





Now there is a restyling of the iconic Moon Chair, called the Fama Moonrise. Featuring an all new headrest design as well as the footrest now being one single piece. It also comes in a loveseat version which is called the Moonrise XL and is perfect for couples to snuggle up together. As with the Moon Chair, the fabric covers are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.




Another iconic item of Fama furniture, that we also happen to have on display at our North Wales showroom, is the Fama myApple loveseat. The myApple has been described as not being a chair, nor a sofa or a chaise lounge – but instead is a special piece of furniture inspired by the loveseat of the last century, designed for the modern life! It looks large but is in fact quite compact and once you get into it you won’t want to leave! If you are in the area and wish to test the myApple loveseat for your self, please visit our showroom in Mochdre, North Wales.

For further information the range of modular sofas from Fama that we offer please visit here