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Light Up Your Spiral Staircase

Light up your spiral staircase with .PSLAB; known for their custom luxury lighting products they have released these images of a spiral staircase lighting design, they have made.

Here is their description of this design:

“.PSLAB’s aim in this space is to highlight the distinguishing features and shape of the staircase, all the while offering a distinctive experience. The staircase is located in a rectangular space with uniform wood cladding on ceiling, floors and walls. It is characterized with a perfectly circular form, with the steps starting at the bottom floor and ending at the top floor with no other connecting points. The staircase has a double volume height and spirals up, shaping its central core.

.PSLAB’s inspiration in this project came from the staircase’s main characteristics. The aim was to create a lighting concept that would not only mirror these distinguishing features but also complement the structure. The constraints encountered came not from the space but from the lighting fixture itself which required special handling to turn a concept into reality.

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Design:  .PSLAB

Via: contemporist