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Contemporary Lighting

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Contemporary Lighting – Shine on

We have come a long way since the first animal fat fueled lamps of 70’000 BC.
Today there is a vast selection of lighting available, from a simple bare bulb pendants to huge crystal chandeliers.

Here are a small selection of the more unusual contemporary lights you could use. They look absolutely wonderful, however if you are looking for contemporary lighting that still has practical functionality let us introduce you to our lighting range.

Julia Jones ltd is the only destination within North Wales where you can find high quality modern contemporary lighting from suppliers such as Dar Lighting, Mantra Lighting, Diyas, David Hunt Lighting, Searchlight and Endon. We offer a light planning service to all our customer, even advising on choosing the right bulbs and fittings to save you money.

Whether you are looking for a table lamp for you bedroom, a ceiling light for your bathroom, or a 2.5 m 12L crystal drop pendant we will be able to help.

Dar Lighting are one of the leading UK lighting suppliers, they offer an exceptional range of lighting collections, where you will be able to find matching ceiling and wall lights. As well as the accompanying floor, table and pendant lights.

David Hunt Lighting are British! They happen to be one of the last true British bespoke lighting manufactures, and are based in the glorious Cotsworlds. The lighting they offer may not be as modern and as some of the other suppliers we deal with, there are truly unique though. David Hunt still finish all of their lighting products by hand, using traditional methods

Mantra lighting are top Spanish lighting designers and manufacturers. They work with their elite team of designers to produce high quality eye catching contemporary lighting. Their attention to detail speaks for itself on ranges suchs as the Dali collection, with it’s abstract swirls and free flowing appearance.

Diyas specialise in providing decorative floor and table lamps, with delicate crystal decoration and floral motifs. They are ideal for adding sparkle to a room, perfect if you are someone who feels the house looks terribly bare once the festive decorations come down.

As well as these great contemporary lighting collection we also have available a selection of the latest generation of LED bulbs and Halogen Energy savers. With the cost of  power ever increasing you have to do all you can to reduce your energy bills, and LED bulbs are a great way to achieve this without compromising on the amount of light emitted (the lumens rating) We have a selection of bulbs on our website, from Kosnic and Luxram.

Looking for usable modern lighting have a look at our collection of modern contemporary lighting.  Lighting by Julia Jones








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