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Fama Siddy Office Chair in leather

Fama’s Siddy Office Chair is completely different from anything, it is simply the best ergonomic office chair.

Product Features:
  • Dimensions: L:70cm W:54cm H:141cm

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Product Description

Fama’s Siddy Office Chair is completely different from anything! Besides being ergonomic its COMFORTABLE. It completely picks up the lower back and allows full support of the back as well as the head. Another important innovation is its retractable footrest and forget the boring black or grey office chairs and have fun with so many colours and pattern options!

So the user can approach the desk as much as they want. Fama designed shorter arms with a downward inclination, allowing the approach to the table as well as adopting a position of 90 degrees of the arm.

If you suffer from soar shoulder blades after sitting at your desk for a while then Fama created the Siddy with anarrow back that only picked up the spine, leaving the two sides of the back in the air.

Users find it difficult to maintain the correct posture throughout the day, needing to change position often throughout the day, so Fama’s Siddy chair has a retractable footrest when attached to the chair, prevents us from moving from the table. The tray can turn left or right, allowing you to support both feet or alternate. This favors being able to change position without affecting the verticality of the column, and prevents incorrect postures.

We use the Siddy Office Chair in our showroom covered in Dalmata leather and its the most comfortable and supportive office chair I have ever sat on.

Key Features:

  1. Ergonomic ears – Reduce the field of vision and favours concentration in the workplace, but without completely isolating.
  2. Vibration speakers for open offices – Each person can choose what music to listen to during the day without disturbing or generating noise pollution.
  3. Headrest adjustable in height – With soft touch to cover the gap between the head and the trunk.
  4. Support – The backrest can be adapted to different profiles easily
  5. Narrow backrest – Hold the back, leaving the shoulder blades free
  6. Backrest + Wrap arm – They completely cloth and prevent them from adopting incorrect positions
  7. Suspension seat with elastic strap – The seat does not rest on a plastic housing and offers a lifetime warranty
  8. Adjustable in height – Metal foot with custom made gas cylinder
  9. Retractable footrest – To get the correct position of backrest height. By being incorporated into the chair, it prevents us from moving from the table. The tray turns right or left: it allows you to stay in the centre to support both feet, or on one side to support only one. This allows you to change positions, avoiding adopting incorrect positions
  10. Swivel foot – Allowing you to change position without affecting your correct seating posture


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