Fama Loto Modular Range

A very smart model with straight lines manufactured with a perfect finish in every single detail. It has a great variety of elements and offers a huge range of possibilities: static sofa, motorised relax, fixed chaise longue, with storage and lifting footrest, etc.


Not sure what you're looking for, or have a tricky space to fill? 

Not to worry... you can build your own Fama Loto Sofa today by choosing any of the below modular pieces

Fama Loto Fabric Footstool
£529.00 £465.00

Fama Loto Fabric Corner ModFama Loto Fabric Corner Mod
£779.00 £685.00
Fama Loto Fabric Chaise Right Arm ModFama Loto Fabric Chaise Right Arm Mod
£1,159.00 from £1,019.00

Fama Loto Fabric Chaise Left Arm ModFama Loto Fabric Chaise Left Arm Mod
£1,159.00 from £1,019.00

We do offer more standard sizes too, if you already know what you're looking for

Fama Loto Fabric Double Corner LeftFama Loto Fabric Double Corner Left
£3,339.00 £2,938.00

Fama Loto Fabric SofaFama Loto Fabric Sofa
Multiple Options
£1,499.00 from £1,319.00