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Manual recliner controls

Fama manual recliners can be a great choice for those who prefer a simpler and more hands-on approach to adjusting their seating position. Here's a summary of how they work:

  1. Release Mechanism: To initiate the reclining action in a manual recliner, you typically need to locate a lever on the side of the armchair. Pulling this lever releases the reclining mechanism and allows you to adjust the chair's position. Some armchairs don't have a lever.

  2. Reclining: Once the lever is pulled, you can push back with your shoulders to increase the recline. This means that you physically use your body weight and force to move the chair into a more reclined position.

  3. Multiple Recline Positions: Manual recliners typically offer two recline positions, allowing you to choose between a partially reclined and fully reclined position. You can stop at any point between these two positions, depending on your comfort preferences.

  4. Returning to Upright Position: When you're ready to return the armchair to an upright position, you use your legs to push down on the footrest. This action closes the footrest and simultaneously raises the back cushion to its original, upright position. This process can be done by simply exerting pressure with your legs until the chair is fully upright.

Manual recliners can be a practical and cost-effective choice for those who prefer a straightforward way to adjust their seating comfort without the need for electricity.

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