Quick note when looking at barstools

Low barstool - seat height 65cm  (stools for kitchen worktops)

High barstool - seat height 75cm (bars tops that are 10cm higher than worktops)

Adjustable barstool - seat height 59 - 85cm (suitable for all plus the addition of being able to swivel, but they can be heavy)

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Barstools are a great seating addition to any kitchen or bar area either inside or outside. We offer 3 height options for you to choose -

Low fixed barstools - these are the correct height for any area surface that is at kitchen worktop height, having a seat height of 65cm these make them the ideal height for kitchen worktops that are at a typical 90cm.

High fixed barstools - these are for bar tables or bar shelves that sit above a kitchen work surface, with a seat height of 75cm.

Height adjustable swivel barstools - these will give the the option of being able to set them at a seating height to suit you. The addition of a swivel seat can work very well in a kitchen or bar area. Height adjustable barstools also have the advantage of being able to be lowered close to a dining chair height, this way they could be used as occasional extra seating at the dining table.

High quality height adjustable barstools will have a considerable weight compared to a fixed height stool, please bare this in mind when selecting what type of barstools would be most suitable to you.

Key features -

Low barstool - seat height 65cm

High barstool - seat height 75cm

Adjustable barstool - seat height 59 - 85cm