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Alicante Extending Dekton Dining Table

Looking for an extending dining table with the most pratical surface, or match your new Dekton workstop

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  • Finish: Dekton
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Product Description

Our Dekton extending dining tables are avalible in a huge range of Dekton finishes for the table tops and also a comprehensive range of legs colours to complement your kitchen.

Our extending dining tables are avalible from 90 x 90-140cm up to to 90 x 180-280cm. Each of the tables have either 1 or 2 extension leaves that slide out from under the table top when the leg is pulled out. The legs at one end have rollers on, making the process to extend the table easy and smooth.  A lovley feature of the Dekton is that when the table is fully extended the pattern of the tabletop will match as each tabletop is cut out of its own sheet of 8mm Dekton.

Have a read of what makes Dekton so good, in our tab below What is Dekton

What is Dekton

Dekton is made from a proprietary blend of natural quartz stone, porcelain, and glass. These raw materials are fused and compressed under high pressure to create a slab material that is very dense and compact. This makes Dekton the most practical material to use to make tabletops out of.
  • Highly Scratch-resistant - Dekton is the most scratch-resistant surface on the market and while the slip of a knife won’t damage Dekton, cutting boards are still recommended to protect your household utensils.
  • Resistant to stains - While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely Stain Proof. Even the most stubborn stains like wine, coffee, markers and rust can easily be removed from the surface. Since Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemically resistant. Drips or splashes of common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm Dekton. 
  • High Resistance to fire and heat - Dekton withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking. Hot Pots and Appliances like Crock Pots can be placed directly on the surface with no worry of damage.
  • Resistant to abrasion - Dekton is even more resistant to abrasion than granite making it the ideal surface for commercial applications and high traffic areas such as flooring. While other surfaces show wear over time, Dekton’s finish will last for the life of the product and never needs to be re-surfaced or re-finished.
  • High UV Resistance - Dekton is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for indoor tabletops


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