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Aran RugAran Rug
Aran Rug
The Aran Rug collection is a luxuriously thick fine wool rug with viscose, available in a wonderful range of neutral and pastel shades and 3 x sizes
£319.00 from £289.00
Blade RugBlade Rug
Blade Rug
The Blade Rug collection is hand sheared rug with a lustrous look that is perfect for any modern home, avalible in 4 x sizes
£179.00 from £169.00

Chrome RugChrome Rug
Chrome Rug
The Chrome rug collection has a beautiful sumptuous apperance and is avalible in a wonder range of colours and 4 x sizes
£369.00 from £339.00
Coast RugCoast Rug
Coast Rug
The Coast rug is relaxed in style making it a great design for cottages, Scandi themed spaces or even just a laid back room in your home, avalible in 5 x sizes
£129.00 from £119.00

Dolce RugDolce Rug
Dolce Rug
The Dolce rug collection features shimmering hand washed viscose to give each rug its unique lustre and is avalible in 3 x sizes
£249.00 from £229.00
Plush RugPlush Rug
Plush Rug
The Plush rug is the ultimate in shaggy with unrivalled thickness and feel, alavible in a fantastic range of colours and usable sizes
£129.00 from £119.00