Decorative feature mirrors are not only great to look at yourself and add detail to a wall, mirrors are a great way of creating space in a room and help bounce light around your room. By careful positioning of a mirror on a back wall to a window this will reflex the light from the window into the room. Many of our mirrors have cutouts in them allowing you to see the wall behind, these are great when mounted on a coloured wall.

We have a collection of modular mirrors, these work really well adding them together in 2's or 3's or even 5's to fill out a wall instead of just a large mirror with no detail. These can work especially well in awkward spaces or up the side of the stairs.

When positioning a mirror, just think about what it will be reflecting in it. Mirrors are fun and creative, I hope you like our collection we have put together for you.

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Arlon mirrorArlon mirror
Arlon mirror
Our Arlon mirror is both rugged and delicate, a robust tree on mirror glass. A unique mirror thanks to its natural shape and print, which reflects the interior in a muted way, filtered by the delicate annual rings that are traced on the mirror glass. Bringing nature into your home.
Bree mirrorBree mirror

Gent mirrorGent mirror

Mons mirrorMons mirror
Peer mirrorPeer mirror
Peer mirror
Our Peer mirror is one large rectangular mirror composition of 57 little square beveled mirrors! All mirrors are glued on a black MDF-support. The space between the mirrors is void, so you can see the back wall through it, so its effective on a coloured wall

Spa mirrorSpa mirror


We have a lovely display of designer feature mirrors here at our showroom here in North Wales in the foothills of Snowdonia, just outside Conwy. Our showroom is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5pm, so please do call in to view our mirror collection.