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Protect your patio windows from direct sunlight during the summer months, with a Luxaflex awning. An awning will not only protect carpets and furniture, but also keep the room cool during summer.

There are many options with the Luxaflex range of awnings; you are able to have manual controls, remote control systems and even automatic systems. The selection of folding arm awnings can extend up to 14 metres, and the whole awning can recline back into a secure plastic housing that keeps the fabric nice and dry.


The Luxaflex Awnings Collection offers a great choice of fabrics, all designed to block glare, reduce heat and provide protection from UV rays

The Dickson Orchestra range is a refined collection inspired by tradition. There are 194 fabrics made up of 78 solid colours and 116 stripes to choose from.

The Rhythm and Harmony  collection of fabrics provide traditional designs such as the classic stripes

The Sunworker fabrics offer high protection, blocking 94% of the suns UV rays, while still allowing you to see out.

The Cleangard – This fabric collection contains the latest in scientific innovation, with nanofabrics that offer the highest protection against water damage and dirt – ideal for our unpredictable UK weather!


A motorised awning does not just simply refer to the opening and closing of the awning. You are also able to add remote controlled lighting and/or heating to continue entertaining well into the night.

The Somfy motor provides a smooth gentle action, and ensures that your awning closes away correctly. The fabric is always perfectly taut and the valance can also be powered.

You are able to select a range of environmental sensors that can automate the blind when you aren’t home.

An independent sun sensor automatically activates the awning when the programmed sunlight threshold is reached.

The wind sensor monitors conditions around your awning at all times, automatically retracting the awning in strong winds, which is an ideal feature for North Wales patios.

As well as the automatic features you are able to control a whole range of actions using a remote control


View Luxaflex awnings in North Wales

Visit our showroom in Mochdre, North Wales to see the awning and motor in action. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Armony detail

Beautiful fabric awnings that look fantastic in any patio

Automated Awnings

Fully remote controlled systems as well as timers and light options

Compact Motorised Arm

The elegant motor system folds away compactly neatly inside itself keep it protected from the elements

Dickson fabric awning

Ideal for protecting your interiors from UV damage with out blocking the light out with blinds

Domina Awning

Beautiful Elegant Awnings

Italia Awning

Available for windows as well as patios